Missouri Wildflower Guide

Missouri is blessed with an abundance of beautiful wildflowers from early spring to late fall, in a multitude of colors, sizes, and shapes. This site contains photos of a few of Missouri's wildflowers, taken mostly in the mid-Missouri area surrounding Jefferson City. It features primarily non-woody plants, but a few vines, shrubs, and trees that have conspicuous flowers are also included.


I created this site simply to share my love of wildflowers, and also as an identification aid. Your best bet in that regard, though, is to make use of one of the excellent resources listed in the bibliography.


The site's color pages lets you choose a portfolio of images based on flower color. Because the color of some flowers is difficult to classify, and because some are quite variable, several are listed under more than one color. Even so, be sure to check other color categories if you don't find what you're looking for in the category you expected.



Calico Aster


Site Features
  • See a portfolio of Yellow/Orange, Red/Pink, White, or Blue/Purple flowers, and click an image for more information.

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  • View a list of links to other wildflower image and gardening sites that may be of interest.

  • Print note cards or download desktop images for free, featuring some of the beautiful wildflower images on this site.

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  • See the bibliography for a list of resources that were consulted in creating this site.

  • All images are protected by copyright. I'll usually grant permission for non-commercial use with attribution. Thank you for asking first!