Missouri Wildflower Guide

The author of this website is a wildflower enthusiast living in the mid-Missouri area near the beautiful state capital, Jefferson City. Over 25 years ago, when I moved to a farm in rural Moniteau County — where the majority of photographs on this site were taken — I thought I had some familiarity with at least the most common wildflowers in the area. I was surprised to continually encounter yet another charming flower I'd never seen before. I soon bought an identification guide, "Missouri Wildflowers" by Edgar Denison, which became a well-worn companion on my outdoor excursions, and I grew increasingly amazed at the incredible diversity of Missouri's flora.


This website is a means to share my photographs with other wildflower lovers. I hope you enjoy it!


Frequently Asked Questions
  • Would you please help me identify ________ ?

    I usually decline requests for assistance in identifying a flower you've encountered, because I don't feel I have the time for the number of requests received. Besides, I'm not your best resource — I have no formal training and I simply make use of the excellent identification guides that are available. (See Bibliography.)


  • Why doesn't the site include ________ ?

    This site only features wildflowers that I happen to have encountered and photographed.


  • Would you like to use one of my photos?

    Thank you for the many generous offers to use your photographs. For the time being, I plan to utilize only my own images on the site.


  • May I use one of your photos?

    Please send me a request describing the image(s) you'd like to use, the purpose for which they'll be used, and the approximate time frame. I'll typically allow non-commercial use. I ask that you attribute the image to missouriwildflowerguide.com.


  • Why do I see blank pages on the website?

    After a personal tragedy several years ago, I completely neglected the site and the pages didn't display properly in many of the more recent browser versions. But I've now updated the entire site and it should behave nicely for current versions of the major browsers, and at differing screen sizes. It's even responsive to mobile devices, which may make it easier to look up wildflowers as you encounter them. If you do experience any formatting or display problems, please let me know the browser and version you're using, and your screen resolution.


  • Broken links/errors on the site

    Thank you for reporting any errors on the site, and broken links. I also welcome suggestions for additional sites to add to the Links page, particularly for states and countries that aren't represented.




I love to hear from those who have enjoyed the site, and I thank you for taking the time to write. Unfortunately, I can't promise that I'll be able to answer all messages.





Black Locust

Black Locust
Robinia pseudoacacia