Missouri Wildflower Guide

Where Summer goes stripping the wayside rose
Of all its blooms, and plumping red its hips;
Her grasshopper gown of rustling golds and grays
Bristling with burrs caught from the trefoil's sprays,
And from the thorny marigold's tick-like tips.


From "Nature-Notes And Impressions" by Madison Cawein






Beggar's Lice

Beggar's Lice, also known as Tick Trefoil, is the weed that covers your clothing with flat, eye-shaped, clinging seeds when you've been walking in fields or open woods during late summer and fall. The stickiness of the seed pod is due to its covering of fine hairs. The pod is segmented, with each segment containing a single seed, and the segments break apart easily.


Deer browse on this plant, and the seeds are eaten by many types of birds.


  • Bloom Time



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  • Height

    To 3 feet


Beggar's Lice leaf