Missouri Wildflower Guide

Among the bumble-bees in red-top hay, a freckled field of brown-eyed Susans dripping yellow leaves in July,
     I read your heart in a book.


From "Adelaide Crapsey" by Carl Sandburg









Brown-Eyed Susan

Brown-Eyed Susan grows profusely in large masses around the grain bins on my farm and in other spots that have been disturbed and then left unattended.


It is a tall, much branched plant, covered with small daisy-type flower heads having a ball-shaped dark brown disk and bright yellow petal-like ray flowers that sometimes have a patch of light yellow or white near their tip.


Although similar in name to Black-Eyed Susan, they are easy to distinguish because it is much taller, is highly branched, and its flowers are smaller.


  • Bloom Time



  • Habit



  • Height

    To 5 feet


  • Flower Size

    To 1 inch