Missouri Wildflower Guide

The cumbrous bind-weed, with its wreaths and bells,
Had twined about her two small rows of peas,
And dragged them to the earth.


From "The Excursion" by William Wordsworth








Field Bindweed

Typical of the Morning Glory family, Bindweed's funnel-shaped flowers are open only in the morning and on cloudy days.


Named for the way its vines twist tightly around other plants as it climbs, this plant is a pesky weed in gardens and cultivated fields. I have a flower bed where it has gotten established, despite continual removal efforts. Attempting to pull it is pointless, because the vines break easily, leaving the fleshy root in the ground. Even careful digging often leaves tiny pieces from which it renews itself.


Field Bindweed's flowers and leaves are smaller than the similar Hedge Bindweed.


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  • Height

    3-10 feet long