Missouri Wildflower Guide

Along the garden ways just now
     I heard the flowers speak;
The white rose told me of your brow,
     The red rose of your cheek;
The lily of your bended head,
     The bindweed of your hair:
Each looked its loveliest and said
     You were more fair.


From "A Love Symphony" by A.W.E. O'Shaughnessy



Hedge Bindweed

Bindweed's vines twist tightly around other plants as it climbs, and it is a troublesome weed in gardens and cultivated fields. Typical of the Morning Glory family, its flowers are open only in the morning and on cloudy days.


Hedge Bindweed's leaves and flowers are larger than the similar Field Bindweed.

  • Bloom Time



  • Habit



  • Height

    3-10 feet long