Missouri Wildflower Guide

Of the old house, only a few crumbled
     Courses of brick, smothered in nettle and dock,
Or a squared stone, lying mossy where it tumbled!
     Sprawling bramble and saucy thistle mock
What once was firelit floor and private charm
     Where, seen in a windowed picture, hills were fading
At dusk, and all was memory-coloured and warm,
     And voices talked, secure from the wind's invading.


From "The House That Was" by Laurence Binyon




Although Horse Nettle has attractive white star-shaped flowers with large bright yellow stamens, it is a weedy, thorny plant, not welcomed when it occurs in pastures and fields. Children have been fatally poisoned by its smooth, round, toxic fruit, which look like tiny yellow tomatoes.


  • Bloom Time



  • Habit



  • Height

    1-3 feet


  • Longevity