Missouri Wildflower Guide

The trillium there and the Mayapple,
With their white eyes opened wide,
Of many a secret sight could tell
If speech were not denied:
Of many a pixy revelry
And rout on which they've spied,
With the hollow tree, which there you see
Opens its eye-knots wide.


From "Pixy Wood" by Madison Cawein




With its huge leaves, held horizontally, umbrella-like, over the flowers, on erect stalks that emerge from the ground, Mayapple is easy to spot growing in colonies in the woods. It's usually necessary to lift the leaves to see the large, white, single flower underneath.


Flowers occur only on older plants that have two leaves (young plants have just a single leaf), on a slender, slightly nodding stalk that emerges in between the two leaf stalks. After flowering, a round, green fruit develops, yellowing as it matures.


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  • Height

    1 foot


Mayapple leaf