Missouri Wildflower Guide

The statue of venus, glorious for to se,
Was naked, fletynge in the large see,
And fro the navele doun al covered was
With wawes grene, and brighte as any glas.
A citole in hir right hand hadde she,
And on hir heed, ful semely for to se,
A rose gerland, fressh and wel smellynge;
Above hir heed hir dowves flikerynge.


From "The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer



Multiflora Rose

Although a Multiflora Rose bush covered with blossoms can sometimes be pretty, it is most often encountered blooming patchily, with dead or bare spots, and is normally not particularly attractive.


It is considered a most unwelcome invader by farmers. Because birds eat its fruit and then deposit its seeds where they've perched, it is often found in fence rows, where it is difficult to remove.  It can aggressively colonize fields, and a great deal of time and effort is spent annually trying to control it.


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  • Height

    To 6 feet


Multiflora Rose leaf