Missouri Wildflower Guide

Plant the Buckeye on his grave,
For the hunter of the slave
     In its shadow cannot rest;
And let martyr mound and tree
Be our pledge and guaranty
     Of the freedom of the West!


From "Burial of Barber" by John Greenleaf Whittier





Ohio Buckeye

The smooth, round dark brown seeds of the Buckeye have a large circular light brown spot. They are attractive and have a pleasant feel in the hand, and are favorites of children. The husk around the seeds has small, soft spines, giving it a knobby appearance.


The large yellow-green flower clusters, which stand upright from the branches, are not especially pretty, but catch one's attention when the tree is in bloom. The flowers are tubular in shape, with the long stamens sticking out well past the ends of the petals.


The Buckeyes on my farm are all only about 15-20 feet tall, but it's reported that this tree can grow to a large height.

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