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Ohio Spiderwort

With its showy flowers, Spiderwort is a popular wildflower and is also grown domestically. The flowers have just three blue-purple petals accented with yellow stamens. When picked, the stem oozes a clear, slimy juice.


My mother, raised in the Missouri Ozarks, has always called this plant "Cornflower". I've found no other reference to it by that name, and I believe that she may have come up with that name on her own as a child, perhaps based on its upright stalk and its leaves' resemblance to corn leaves. The name Spiderwort is reported to have come from its use to cure spider bites, its angular leaf arrangement's supposed resemblance to a squatting spider, or the spider web-like hairs surrounding the flower's filaments.


  • Bloom Time



  • Habit



  • Height

    To 2 feet


  • Flower Size

    1-2 inches


  • Leaf Size

    To 15 inches long


  • Leaf Shape

    Linear, pointed, folded lengthwise