Missouri Wildflower Guide

With little here to do or see
Of things that in the great world be,
Sweet Daisy! oft I talk to thee,
For thou art worthy


From "To the Daisy" by William Wordsworth







Ox-Eye Daisy

Surely everyone finds this prolific wildflower as charming as I do, except perhaps for dairy farmers, because it can cause an undesirable flavor in milk if eaten by the cows.


It is valued by wildlife, with all above-ground parts eaten by turkey, and the seeds eaten by various other birds.  Deer feed upon the plants as well.


This delightful wildflower is plentiful on my farm. I was presented with numerous Ox-Eye Daisy bouquets throughout the years by my children, with their hand so full they couldn't add one more stem.


  • Bloom Time



  • Habit



  • Height

    To 3 feet


  • Longevity