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Partridge Pea

Although Partridge Pea's blooms are somewhat hidden amongst the foliage, they are plentiful and bright yellow, making a colorful display. This plant is prolific in my area, occurring in large masses alongside the gravel roads around my home.


Its seeds are grown in long, flat pea-type pods, which curl open when they've reached a certain level of dryness, sometimes abruptly, throwing the seeds. The pretty black seeds are an interesting shape, a flat square with two opposite corners slightly "pinched" to form tiny points.


When I moved to my farm in 1987, Partridge Pea was the first wildflower I noticed that I didn't recognize. When I looked it up, I expected I would have at least heard of it before, but I hadn't. That soon began an obsession with identifying every wildflower I encountered, a pastime I've enjoyed immensely for many years now.


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    About 2 feet