Missouri Wildflower Guide

Roses, their sharp spines being gone,
Not royal in their smells alone,
     But in their hue;
Maiden pinks, of odour faint,
Daisies smell-less, yet most quaint,
     And sweet thyme true;


From "Bridal Song" by William Shakespeare





Prairie Rose

Often seen dust-covered in the ditches at the edge of gravel roads, I also enjoy seeing this wonderful pink rose growing in several places along my creek.


It prefers moist, semi-shady conditions, but can tolerate dry, sunny areas as well. The flower buds are dark pink, while the open flowers are of various shades from nearly white to dark pink, and even speckled pink and white.


  • Bloom Time



  • Habit



  • Height

    To 12 feet


  • Longevity