Missouri Wildflower Guide

There shiver, in rose-tinted white, the pale anemones;
There pink, perfumed arbutus trails from underneath
     bare trees;
Hepatica shows opal gleams beneath her silk-lined cloak,
Then slips it off, and hides amid the gnarled roots
     of the oak.

They like the clear, cool weather well, when they are
     fairly out,
And they are happy as the flowers of sunnier climes,
     no doubt.


From "Gowns of Gossamer" by Lucy Larcom


Rue Anemone

A very common spring wildflower, Rue Anemone grows profusely throughout the woods at my farm. It is a small, delicate plant with lovely flowers, ranging in color from white to pink, and has attractive foliage.


The leaves are compound; each oval-shaped leaflet has three lobes, but the lobes are divided by only a very small notch.


  • Bloom Time



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  • Height

    To 9 inches



Rue Anemone leaf