Missouri Wildflower Guide

And in my soul I see how, soon, shall rise,--
     Still hidden to men's eyes,--
Dim as the wind that 'round them treads,--
Hosts of spring-beauties, streaked with rosy reds,
And pale anemones, whose airy heads,
     As to some fairy rhyme,
All day shall nod in delicate time


From "Wind and Cloud" by Madison Cawein




Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty appears in great numbers under one of the huge old maples in my front yard, and I mow around them each spring until they're spent, to encourage their return the following year. In my yard, they are nearly all white, with just faint streaks of pink veins, but as I walk in the woods, I encounter them in all shades of white to pink, with dark pink veins.


Each plant has just one basal leaf, plus one pair of opposite leaves on the flowering stem. Deer browse on the leaves of this plant, and rodents eat the tubers.


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  • Height

    5 inches