Missouri Wildflower Guide

     Now 'tis the time when, tall,
The long blue torches of the bellflower gleam
     Among the trees; and, by the wooded stream,
     In many a fragrant ball,
Blooms of the button-bush fall.


From "July" by Madison Cawein






Tall Bellflower

Tall Bellflower is also known as American Bellflower.


The flowers are located along the single stem, at each leaf. They are a lovely blue with a white circle in the center, with 5 petals. The long style curves upward. Before opening, the flower buds have well-defined ridges.

  • Bloom Time



  • Habit



  • Height

    To 6 feet


  • Longevity



  • Leaf Size

    3-6 inches


  • Leaf Stem

    None or very short