Missouri Wildflower Guide

Beside the path, where woodbine odors blew
Between the drowsy eyelids of the dusk,--
When, like a great, white, pearly moth, the moon
Hung silvering long windows of your room,--
I stood among the shrubs! The dark house slept.
I watched and waited for — I know not what!—
Some tremor of your gown: a velvet leaf's
Unfolding to caresses of the Spring


From "O Maytime Woods!" by Madison Cawein




Velvetleaf is tall, with very large heart-shaped leaves. In comparison to the size of the plant, its 1-inch, 5-petalled flowers seem small. The surface of its leaves and stems feels fuzzy.


Also known as Pie-maker, it has distinctively shaped fruit with 12-17 pointed carpels united into a capsule that is thought to resemble the crimped edges of a pie crust.


It is encountered in open, sunny areas along roadsides or where the ground has been disturbed. It is a native of India.

  • Bloom Time



  • Habit



  • Height

    1-6 feet


  • Flower Size

    1 inch


  • Leaf Shape



  • Leaf Size

    To 8 inches


  • Leaf Surface