Missouri Wildflower Guide

A yucca crowned in creamy bloom,
A yucca freighted with perfume,
Breathed fragrance up the blossomed steep;
The warm sea winds lay half asleep


From "Light : A Narrative Poem" by Joaquin Miller








Widely planted for its striking, ornamental flower stalk, Yucca can also often be seen in unattended locations, commonly in sunny, dry banks alongside gravel roads. Most of the "wild" specimens encountered are probably escapes from cultivation.


The stiff, sword-like leaves of this plant, which end in a sharp point and have filaments unraveling from the edges, grow in a basal clump. The branched flower stalk, which emerges anew each year, can tower to six feet or more. It displays numerous large white or cream-colored bell-shaped hanging blossoms.



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